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Private sailing: 3 islands & 2 caves

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  • activity holidays - sailing croatia tours
  • croatia sailing tours
  • croatia sailing tours

Private sailing: 3 islands & 2 caves

A full extra day to soak up the sun and island ambiance of three of the most popular islands in the Adriatic! We sail from Split to the island of Brac, where we will stop in Milna, a small 16thC. village, Then it’s on to Hvar, celebrated as “one of the world’s top 10 island destinations”. On the way to Vis, we experience the magic of Bisevo island’s famous Blue Cave.


• Enjoy the sail to the most attractive islands; Brac, Hvar and Vis
• Relax with the best autochthtonous wines and delicacies
• Learn about centuries-old history
• Discover the beauty of the natural phenomena, the Pakleni Islands and the Blue Cave



DAY 1 SPLIT – MILNA (Brac) – HVAR (Hvar)
Three great islands, one great sail! Starting right from Split, we head to Brac and make our first stop at one of Milna’s hidden bays for swimming and snorkeling (gear is included), so you can explore the underwater world or just take a sun break. Milna is a small 16thC. village located on the western part of the island of Brac, famous for it’s marvelous bay and as the birthplace of many of the worlds’ sailing captains and ships of the 18th and 19th century!
After our sun and swim, we continue towards the island of Hvar, which travel magazines have listed among the top 10 islands in the world! With tons of sunshine, crystal blue waters with nearby seductive islands, ancient villages, innumerable lavender fields, olive plantations and vineyards, enchanting stone streets and old Venetian palaces in the old town of Hvar, it’s no wonder people love coming here! We spend a night on the boat, anchored in Hvar harbour. Enjoy the island’s hot night life tonight!

Distance: 26 NM

After coffee, maybe some shopping, a last taste of wine and delicacies, we leave Hvar in the morning and sail to the Pakleni islands archipelago, a labyrinth of several smaller islands that offer perfect bays for swimming and snorkelling. On our way to Vis, we’ll experience Bisevo island and its famous Blue Cave. Accessible only by boat, it has captivated mariners since 1884. The cave’s entrance is only 1.5 meters high and 2.5 meters wide. Every day the sun shines, between 10AM and 1PM (13PM) the light that penetrates through the submarine opening in the cave reflects off the white bottom floor and bathes the entire cave in blue, and paints all the objects in the water a shimmering silver. The sight is magical. After visiting the cave we will sail to one of the bays for swimming. If the weather suits us, we might even visit the Green Cave, with a similar effect to the Blue Cave except in green!
Then it’s off to Komiza on the island of Vis, where we will spend the night. Vis is the outermost Croatian island in the Adriatic. Its turbulent history goes back to the time of Neolithics, but it has a rich history starting with the Greeks in the 4thC BC who called the island Issa and used it as a stronghold to colonise and rule parts of Dalmatia. During WW 2, it was Tito’s partisan stronghold and after the war, became a military base that was closed to the public until 1986! With so little development for so many years, the island is a natural wonder, with great beaches, bays as well as a protected submarine world, rich with sunken ships and magic marine images that have been hidden for years.

Distance: 25 NM

A lovely, leisurely day sailing back to Split. stopping for swimming or lunch on one of the islands on the way. We should arrive in Split around 6PM (18PM).

Distance: 40 NM

*Please note that all itineraries depend upon weather conditions and that they are given as an example of what can be done within booked number of days on a sailing boat.

Prices depend of the date when would you like to sail and chosen category of the boat. We are offering PREMIUM and STANDARD category.

Premium boats are from 45 feet to 54 feet and besides the skipper, we also provide hostess who is in charge for breakfast and lunch on board. We usually advise to clients to eat dinners in great local restaurants along the route. The cost for this kind of boat with the crew is around 1100,00- 1600,00 euro per day (depending of the season) for the entire boat + 30 euro day/per person for the HB service.
This price includes boat charter, skipper and hostess, fuel. Boats are usually anchored close to ports and skipper provides a shuttle on dingy from boat to land and back. If clients would insist to moor in ports or marinas for some reason, than there are port fees, which are not included in the price. One example 

Standard boats are from 35 up to 45 feet and more basic option without hostess or any meals available on board. So it is just boat, fuel and the skipper (no meals, no mooring fees included).
The cost for standard boat option starts from 600-900 euro per day depending of the season (date) and size of the boat.
Boats usually moor in ports, and clients pay for the mooring fees directly to port authorities.
(Cost: 60-100 euro/night, depending of the size of the boat and port).
For the Standard category it is usual that the client also takes care for the meals for the skipper, either by inviting him/her for meals or paying directly 30 euro daily budget for food expanses. One example. 

So please contact us with exact date, duration and category of the boat you wish to sail on, so we could send you a precise offer.